Resource Activity Tool is the tool which helps the entrepreneur to manage their resources in an efficient way.  It helps to keep the track of the tasks done and able to trace strength and weakness live  with the daily or weekly comparison. 

Resources can update their tasks and add achievements to tasks and see the performance

Provides resource and management tool to do a self-assessment and improve or take remedial action where required.

Resource Activity Tool

Resource Activity Tool add task icon

Adding Task

Resourcecan add their daily task in the morning. Their Targets for the Day

Resource Activity Tool task list icon

Task visible to team

The Task added by the resource is visible to his all team members

Resource Activity Tool task supervision icon

Supervision on Tasks

The Task added by the resource is visible to the manager. The Manager can see the task of all the members

Resource Activity Tool attendance icon


Track the attendance of the resources by checking whether the task was filled that day or not.

Resource Activity Tool cost cutter icon

Cost benefit

It is a Pocket-friendly resource activity tracking tool. Every resource's task is under one roof.

resource Activity Tool

Global access

It is a web-based application. The user can access it from anywhere. No matter on the field or off-field job.

Active/ Inactive

Activate an inactive resource OR inactivate an active resource on just a click by the manager.

Resource Activity Tool pdf generate Icon

Generate PDF

Manager can generate the PDF of the task detail of all activate or inactive resources.

Resource Activity Tool Team Code Icon

Team Codes

Assign different codes to a different team. Add the resource according to the respective Team.

Plans of Resource Activity Tool

We have predefined plans as per the demands of the customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then drop a mail on

About Resource Activity Tool

Resource Activity Tool is a web-based employee management software to monitor day-to-day task of employees of different teams. It has a user-friendly interface. Employees can add their daily targets and update their task with the achievements. Employer can compare the day-to-day achievements of employees with other employees.

[expand title=”read more”] Dashboard needs to be filled by the employee on daily basis, as the employee fills the dashboard. it is visible to his whole team and the admin. So that, the team is aware of the work getting being done within the team and admin can see that the employees are going in the right direction. [/expand]

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