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Business Integration Software Contact can be made globally. We cover most of the world for our solutions and are in constant search for business associates. If you are interested in having a business relationship with one of the most promising companies in this arena, please mail us at Business Integration Software Ltd has a number of software products which can be found on

Business Integration Software Ltd has Online exam Software, Online Test Software, Direct Network Marketing Software,  Service Management Application, Resource Management Dashboard, Surface Science RHEED, LEED, XPS, AUGER and Electron Gun Controllers. 

Online Exam Software and Online Test Software provides facilities for institutes, organization, companies,  Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Online Test Software has built-in facility for Assessment Management online and offline and provides comprehensive facilities for homework and other offline tasks. 

Direct Network Marketing Software is one of the unique product which facilitates direct marketing. It’s designed with team networking in mind and provides a comprehensive range of Software for direct marketing. 

Service Management Application is designed to remind companies for their renewals, bills and expenses its hosted on ideal for the reminder. 

Resource Management Dashboard provides vital information about resources and service schedule on daily basis. 

Business Integration Software Ltd is expanding and hopes to have a presence throughout globally if any country or distributors want to engage with our company then please get in touch with us either on or simply call us on +44 (0) 20 8090 3452. 

We are constantly looking to improve our presence everyone is welcome.







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