Resource Management

Data management tool gives you the facility to keep all the tasks that are to be done on a particular day at one place so that you don’t have to see here and there for the tasks allotted for the day. Also using it,
you can keep the record of completed and pending tasks for the day.

Adding a task by resource

  • Resource can add their daily task here in the morning
  • Resource can be updated with the tasks to be done in a day 
  • Resource can add the achievements of the tasks which were provided in the  morning. 
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Task Detail of the Team

  • Resource can see the task detail of the resource within his team
  • Resource can see the task done in the past. 
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Delete same day task

  • Resource can delete the same day task 

  • Resource can then re-add the task from point one. 
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Profile Management tool

  • Resource can update his details from profile panel
  • Resource can change his password 
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