Monitoring Activities

As an administrator, by using the data management tool, you can keep the track record of tasks that your employee is doing on a particular day so that any action if needed can be taken. Also, it gives you the feature to check the tasks done by your employees on a particular date in the past.

Task Detail

  • This is the login screen of the Manager. 
  • The manager can see the tasks done by the staff. 
  • The manager can see the tasks of all resource and team-wise. 
  • This helps in comparing the  performance of the resource.

Team Member

  • All the resources are visible in this panel. 
  • You can see the details like name, email and category (Team Code) of the resource. 
  • Update the information of the resource in just a click on update. 
  • You can add new resource here. 

Adding a new Resource

  • Add new resource in an effective way. 
  • Fill basic details and assign a username. 
  • The password is sent on email to maintain the privacy. 
  • Assign the resource to a team. 
  • Add team code for the resources like sales, development or business. 
  • All can be added by management.

Manage Resouce

  • Inactivate an active resource from this panel. 
  • Activate an inactive resource from this panel. 
  • An inactive resource cannot login system. 
  • Once active, the resource can login. 

Generate PDF

  • Generate the PDF of  the task activity done by the resource. 
  • Assess the performance of the resource by the PDF. 
  • Generate the PDF of the task activity done by an inactive resource.

Change Password

  • Change your profile password from the profile panel. 
  • Enter a new password and confirm password and click on change password.